Mug collection

A while back I asked on twitter if some of you wanted to see my mug collection. And I got a few responses that you did. If I know where you can get the mug I will have the store linked. Here are my mugs! Keep in mind not all of them are book related.

Let’s start with the ones I have no clue where you can get them.
The first one I got in a goodiebag once and the second one I bought in the bookstore in my town.

The ones I got at Boekenfestijn. I’m pretty sure you can get these two everywhere.

Being a Slytherin I had to get a Slytherin mug at some point. and the other one is just so cute.

Celebrate books box

This one is so cool. It was in one of the Celebrate books boxes, however I did not buy that box. They had some left and I had to get one for myself. Look at the inside of it.

Spread the booklove/blossom books
The first two I got for christmas last year.
The last two are the only ones on this list I currently use, because I live at home. And I’ve been using them everyday for 2? years now. You can definitely see that the ‘Disturb at your own risk’ one is used. You can get these here. (Shipping prices can be a lot if you’re not from NL)

The Next mugs are from Society 6!
I love Redbubble, but Evie doesn’t have these in her Redbubble store so I had to get them from Society 6. I haven’t even read When Dimple met Rishi yet, but the mug is so pretty and I really like the quote. Also Disney mug. Don’t think I need to explain more on that one.

The rest of the mugs are from different Red Bubble stores!
Again, mugs from Evie. The quotes on these mugs are so relatable. And two of them related to my fave Disney movies. And an ACOMAF mug. 

The next mug is from Lucy’s store.  Lucy is an amazing blogger and person. If you don’t follow her blog: That book gal. Then go click that link right now!!!

And the last two mugs are from Zoevangenderen. We were classmates this past year, that’s how I found out about her store. Even though they’re not related to books I really love them!

So those are the mugs I own now. I will probably buy more in the future, because you can never have to many mugs right? I won’t get more until probably christmas. I’m going to ask the same question I asked in my Magnetic bookmark collection post.


If I get new mugs, should I add them my monthly haul?



14 thoughts on “Mug collection

  1. OMG these are beautiful! I would love to have more book swag myself. Between the magnetic bookmarks and these I am a bit jealous of you 😉 I might have to expand my own book swag collection, which currently is at none. Unless you count my Katniss doll and Rue action figures.

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