What I'm Watching Wednesday

What I’m Watching Wednesday #10

From now on you can expect Christmas movies in these posts. I’m so excited to watch them again. I’m a sucker for all hallmark Christmas Movies. I just can’t help it.


  • I watched Expeditie Robinson. they’re all using tactics now and I really liked the one they pulled of this week. even though I really liked the person they voted off.
  • I also watched the after show called: Eilandpraat. Which means Island talk. and that is literally what they do. talk about the things that happened during the episode.
  • And after that Celebrity City Trip was on. Which is a new show where two dutch celebrities take each other to one of their favorite cities and show them around. This was the first episode with a rapper and a chef. and they went to Brussels and Marrakesh.


  • The 300th episode of Greys Anatomy! (S014E07) I can’t believe I’ve watched 300 episodes of this show already. It was kinda nostalgic to back in the old days. We also got the intro song back for this episode!
  • I watched my first Christmas movie of the year. I rewatched A Princess for Christmas. I remembered Sam Heughan was in it, but not that the woman was Katie McGrath, which was a pleasant surprise. I like her.
  • Then I watched A Christmas Kiss. I hadn’t seen this one before but I really enjoyed it.


  • I started with Are you the One? S06E07 for some reason I can’t watch episode 8 which I really wanted to watch right after this one.
  • At night I watched another Christmas movie. Crown for Christmas. I’ve already seen this one before. Still enjoyable.


  • I finally was able to watch Are you the One? S06E08 and this one was CRAZY. that ending. I love the drama. I can’t help it.
  • I watched Fear the Walking Dead season 2 episode 2-6


  • I saw there was A Christmas Kiss 2. So I just had to watch it. There was one returning character from the first movie. I think I liked the first one better, but this one was good too.
  • Then I watched Outlander S03E09. It didn’t feel like a very eventful episode to me.
  • Next I watched The Walking Dead S08E04. The end had me close to tears. But I want this to pick up pace soon. because it was pretty much more of the same and I want to see the other characters again.


  • I watched A Royal Winter. Thinking before I started it that it was a Christmas movie, but it wasn’t. It was a winter movie and I enjoyed watching it. I love watching those love stories where one of the characters is royal.
  • Then I watched A Nutcracker Christmas. I really enjoyed that one. It involved ballet and I always miss dancing when I watch dance/ballet movies. I really enjoyed this one. And it will go on my list of Christmas movies I want to rewatch.

During the week:

  • I watched more of The OC. Season 4 Episode 3-5. I didn’t watch a lot of it and that is mostly because I’m watching Christmas movies and I started catching up on another show.
  • I got a free month trial for amazon prime. Including prime video. And they had Fear the Walking Dead on there. I watched Season 2 episodes 2-8 so far. By next week I’ll probably be watching season 3. That whole season is on there too.


So this post was longer than last week. and I feel like I really watched a lot too. But I am however getting behind on a few shows. I’ll catch up on them as soon as I’m done with The OC & Fear the Walking Dead.


Have you watched your first christmas movie of the year yet? Which one was it? If you haven’t please recommend me your favorite.

34 thoughts on “What I’m Watching Wednesday #10

  1. I really really REALLY want to begin the Christmas Movies but sadly I don´t have the time right now. Might sneek one in this weekend though. Which Christmas Movie do you recommend? I´m soo curious about Engaging Father Christmas because of Erin Krakow 😛
    Have you seen The Spirit of Christmas or The Mistle-Tones? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From the ones I watched this week I would definitely recommend A Nutcracker Christmas. I really loved that one! I have Engaging Father Christmas on my list to watch too. I have seen The Spirit of Christmas and I liked that one. I haven’t seen The Mistle-Tones I’ll add that one to my to watch list😊

      Liked by 1 person

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